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Now you see it, now you don’t kitchen countertop

Madga is blessed to have 2 “designer guys” living with her and whipping up such great stuff. With my kitchen, I would so love to have an extra countertop that tucks away nicely. The extra pull out shelf for the coffee maker is an awesome idea.

She says, “Since we have a really small kitchen we have to find storage for everything even some extra countertop. My two designers guys (my dad and my husband) made this for me.

It’s a countertop made from a top of a black Lack table (found in the “As is” section of our Ikea store ) and a basic rail from the local hardware store. So, as you can see, in the morning all is hidden behind the aluminum curtain of my Avsikt cabinet.

My coffee maker has a little shelf of its own too just to make it more convenient in the morning (it’s a little extra hack for this cabinet made out of a piece found in the “As Is” section also). It’s very useful for preparing coffee and toasts in the morning: I just pull it out and voilà some extra countertop!”

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12 Responses to Now you see it, now you don’t kitchen countertop

  1. Tee says:

    they usually have cutting borads mounted like this back in Sweden.. me like!

  2. Kel says:

    I am so doing this; however, I’ll have to figure out how to lay one of the taller versions on its side on my counter top. Really an ingenious hack, love it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is not safe at all. Regulations for small kitchen appliances should be respected.

    Nice try.

  4. S2 says:

    LOVE this design!

  5. Robj98168 says:

    Very nice- reminds me of the coffee bar I hacked a while ago- but this is much classier!

  6. Fraulein N says:

    This is brilliant! I’d never be able to figure out how to do this myself.

  7. IKEAN Blog says:

    Very nice piece. Functional and good looking!

  8. Martin says:

    As, a kitchen designer, “appliance garages” are ever so popular. However, it is against the ontario building code, to have countertop appliance plugged in, (within an enclosed cabinet). A solution around this, is to install a kill switch, which shuts off the circuit, when the door is shut. The only problem I have with this,is that it causes digital appliances to reset clocks and personal settings. Always check with your local codes when combining cabinetry with electrical or plumbing outlets.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I did the same thing with my coffee maker using a scrap shelf and a heavy duty drawer slide! I cut a hole in the back of the cabinet to plug in a power strip and my microwave and coffee maker are hidden this way. The slide makes it easy to pour water into the maker and while extended, keeps heat and steam from damaging the laminate of the shelf above. I love it!

  10. Rainma says:

    This is simply amazing, what geniuses they are to do this. My kitchen is also very very small and we were thinking of making an area that would have the appliances behind the door, now I know we can use this technique to get more use of it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. grunch says:

    Nice! You are lucky to have two designer guys around and that the Avsikt fit so nicely in your wall niche. A job well done. Thanks for the post.

  12. ISA says:

    I love that ! It’s so design.
    I will show it right now to my husband (home designer guy ;-) )

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