Published on October 28th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


Make a Halloween lantern sans pumpkin

Some humor for the spooky season.

A Halloween lantern
Ben shares his Halloween lantern, made with one 8ml tube of cadmium orange Cotman water colour, one 17¾” Regolit paper lampshade and one Hemma lamp cord. Just an hour or two and out came Jack.

What do you think? Should he draw a Jack o’Lantern face onto it or just leave it as a harvest moon?

See more on Regolit Jack o’Lantern

Halloween must have: the Pumpor
Well, the next one, I won’t call it a hack, more like a spoof. It’s a flat-packed Ikea Halloween pumpkin, complete with Ikea name, nuts, bolts and confusing illustrated assembly instructions. Conrad, you made my day.

See more of Conrad’s flat-packed pumpkin.

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8 Responses to Make a Halloween lantern sans pumpkin

  1. bunbun says:

    I will try this for next year hallowen :)

  2. bunx2 says:

    this is an awesome idea.

  3. ruky says:

    i guess im late for this post and will try the idea next year halloween =]

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  5. andrew says:

    I would have gone with “Gort” or added a couple of umlauts to “Pumpor.”

  6. brtgrl says:

    Simple put, brillant! You had better get the selling and creating rights to this before those Sweds @ Ikea hack this to ‘death’ for next years Halloween…LOL

  7. indianwoman says:

    This is a great idea for Halloween. Thanks for the tip.

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