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Good looking banquette from the Akurum

Sorry for the spotty posting. Have been running around like a headless chicken – work, some personal projects, helping a friend set up his fish farm. It’s all good, but leaves me a little tired and sleep deprived. Hope to get back on speed with hacks today onwards.

These 2 are from Peggy who lives in Switzerland. She says, “When I have some spare time, I try to think about good solutions to my everyday life problems around the house, and when I have even more time… then I realise the projects (and sometimes, it takes weeks to get it done even if it would be a matter of a few hours to do it with nothing and no one coming in between! (I have 3 kids!)

Here’s one completed kitchen bench made with Faktum (called Akurum in the US) horizontal wall cabinets and Capita legs on which I fitted a MDF top (cut – paint – screw on).

We sat directly on the cabinets (not so good looking and a bit narrow) for about two weeks because it took me some time to get the MDF. It was fine for the kids… but it started creaking a bit under ‘adult’ weight! It was about time I finished! To make it more comfortable, the MDF is 50cm (cabinets are 40cm). I attached a long 3cm x 6cm piece of wood to the walls to support the MDF at the back. In the cabinets, I store stuff that I don’t need on an everyday basis.

The other hack is an ‘olde hack’ or ‘outdated hack’ ’cause the piece is not available anymore (and that’s too bad really! I think it was called Blista)… But I think it still illustrates an very important mathematical reality:

CD case = toilet paper roll! :o ) It’s good to keep that in mind for future hacks!”

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9 Responses to Good looking banquette from the Akurum

  1. karen j cosme says:

    uhuhuhuhu! i have 4 blistas that i can stack in the bathroom! i love the color and my son (who is about to get rid of them) hates that they’re not black. lucky me! lucky me!

  2. Nicole says:

    Anyone else have any other ideas for the CD holder cum TP storage? I love that idea for our spare bathroom since there isn’t any storage at all, but I don’t see anything like it anymore.

  3. rösti says:

    Peggy, if you are still checking the comments — it’s like you have read my mind, because not only do I want to and plan to do this EXACT idea, but I also live in Switzerland!! I would looove to get in touch with you and ask some questions, especially about the top and attaching it to the wall…. if at all possible can you contact me through my Blogger account???

  4. BubbleGirl says:

    I LOVE the banquet, great idea!! I would also add a nice padded cushion for comfort. I learned something new too, didn’t know cd=toilet paper good to know!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Table is from Ikea. Just bought one last month.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I want to know if that dining table is from IKEA, and if not, where can I get it?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Another great toiler paper holder hack is by using one of these http://www.ikea.com/de/de/catalog/products/80034299 the shelves are big enough to hold even the thickest rolls.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Two fantastic hacks! Great job!

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