Published on September 10th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


Ikea train in Kobe

If there is one thing Ikea is fantastic at, besides making flat pack furniture, it’s advertising. For their opening in Kobe, Japan, Ikea decked out trains with Ikea furniture. Rush hour has never looked better.

See more of Ikea train on Pink Tentacle.  [Thanks Dale!]
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11 Responses to Ikea train in Kobe

  1. Mosaic says:

    Wow that train is really cool.

  2. wow, i wish trains in our place looks like this.

  3. Marnie B says:

    Very cool!

  4. That is a really cool looking train (but definitely wouldn’t be a good fit in NYC)

  5. Chun says:

    What a great idea! U get to sit and ‘live’ with the fabrics for a bit before you decide if you love it. Alas, in Malaysia, passengers wud prolly slice out d fabrics and bring home – free furnishings! Malaysia boleh :)

  6. dwangsa says:

    That’s pretty cool

  7. Hi fi exotic mobile furniture !! Beautifully fabricated !!

  8. folkboy says:

    Sadly, it would also get ruined all too quickly on London’s underground.

  9. ofifteen says:


    ‘designing your life’

  10. Maria says:

    Wow, that looks awesome! I wish I was in Japan right now.

  11. Brian says:

    That’s pretty neat. If such a thing were in Chicago it would get trashed by spilled coffee, food, and general vandalism in just one work day :(

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