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Have you got it yet?

Yes. The 2009 Ikea catalogue.

What is it about this catalogue that makes it such an ‘event’ to look forward to? A friend living in an Ikea-less country recently told me that he had to fork out good money for a copy. And that I should be thankful that I get mine free. Yes, I am.

First cut. The staples are pretty much intact. Good to see them expanding the Besta/Inreda bookcase/media storage range. I have seen some good combos come out of it. And since I have an Expedit bookcase, I’m very happy to see more toys for it. Maybe I can finally get rid of the less than pretty Lekman plastic boxes. Also, the Trollsta sideboard is quite a looker but for some reason, I keep imagining it should be in red.

Now to you. Browse the online catalogue. Come back and share what you like or hate about the Ikea 2009 range.

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9 Responses to Have you got it yet?

  1. Greer Peachey says:

    How do you paint over the Trollsta? I can’t wait till the next catalogue?!

  2. Lynn says:

    I too feel that Trollsta should come in red….and white as well!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I live in Greece and the difference in prices with other european countries is disappointing… for some furniture couch combinations we are asked to pay up to 500 euros more, nearly 570$ US.

    Check the Greek ( Hispanic ( online catalogue for more…

    P.S. I don’t really expect my comment to be published, I just thought to try.

  4. meh, I was waiting to receive it and I finally picked one up at the actual store, which was fine ’cause I couldn’t wait any longer lol… But I was kinda bummed when I couldn’t find a sofa that they had at the store in the catalog!! Agh, I just wanted to look at it again :P

  5. Newshound says:

    Interesting enough, the US catalogue has a different focus than most other catalogues. Check out the international sites,and you’ll find that the trend is PINK. Pink sofas is featured heavily on the front page.

  6. standing still says:

    Receiving it in the mail is like getting an unexpected present. A present that takes you hours to pour through, with a stack of postit notes and a pen to mark everything that you want to see in the store.

  7. blackfeathers says:

    i got the catalog last month and noticed some products are not featured or displayed as well as they could be -when compared to previous years.

    for instance, the grundtal lighting system is under a cabinet in the picture. the online catalog has a better indication that something is under there. online, you can click on it to get a better idea of what the product is like. whereas, on the paper catalog, it’s just listed without a clear photo.

    also, the rationnell light that clips onto a glass door and goes for $14.99 is either not listed, or the picture of it does not do it justice.

    the asker kitchen system could be better shown.

    i’ve found myself fumbling through the catalog more for the sake of hunting down particular items this year. it feels like something is missing this year than in years past.

  8. Tor says:

    They seem to have discontinued the Enetri shelf though, which is a bit sad.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You don’t like Lekman boxes? They’re so easy to hack!

    I found that most of the systems I use (Ivar, Bonde, Majiker is already gone) are being cut back and phased out, and I don’t like the new storage systems as much. They’re certainly not as hackable and the sizes are awkward.

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