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Hackeas: Get organised in no time

One specially for the ladies. Not really hacks but some nice repurposing of Ikea items to help you bust clutter and get your stuff in order.

Magnetic make up brush organiser
ParisB stores her make up brushes with the Spontan magnetic board and containers.

See more of ParisB’s make up brush holder.

Magnetic jewelry hanger
Here’s another one with the Spontan magnetic board. Monica wrapped the board in wrapping paper and stuck the magnets on it. The necklaces are hung round the magnets.

Bathroom organiser
Geneviève used the Kroken accessories, made for kitchen storage, in her bathroom:
- rails for towels and to hold other Kroken accessories
- spice rack for perfume, etc
- shelf for makeup
- cutlery stands for toothbrush, hair brushes
- s-hooks for necklaces
- clips for earrings


She also used a Bjüron plant pot for her nail polish and stuff, and took the galvanised bottom tray as a make-up tray, and Beta plant pots for pencils, mascara, etc. Her favorite is the Kroken paper towel holder which she uses as a toilet paper holder. It holds 3 rolls and it makes all her guests smile.

Gruntal pot hanger and rack
Rene’ made her own pot rack out of the Grundtal shelving, hooks and dish drainer. She says, “We couldn’t afford a proper pot rack, nor accommodate one, due to the height of the cathedral ceiling in the kitchen.” The shelving is mounted to the wall on boards that were left by the previous owner. “We love it, plus it freed up 2 whole kitchen cabinets.”

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Hackeas: Get organised in no time
Hack a quick getaway

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13 Responses to Hackeas: Get organised in no time

  1. Diana says:

    Where are the pics? Or is it my browser? I tried 2.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spontan is not available in America!

  3. Louis and Zanna says:

    This would totally work for small offices, too! I work for a lot of small organizations that are really space challenged, with lots of empty walls that could be better used.

  4. good idea for Magnetic make up brush organiser, not everyone think that idea. Look nice and elegant too. Good job. http://jabrix-design.blogspot.com

  5. Aakash says:

    I’m afraid that it will likely take much more than IKEA to allow me to get organized.

    It will take time, energy, and focus… and perhaps a miracle.

    Those are things that you can’t purchase.

  6. i’d love to get my hands on that magnetic board. :->

  7. parisb says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my not-really-an-ikea-hack! :) I’m truly honoured. I love the other ideas too. May try them out soon!

  8. Anonymous says:

    The bathrooom organization system with the kitchen Kroken accessories is a creative idea, but geez there is so much product! Some of it has to be a year old or more and the best way to organize that stuff is to throw away any make up that is too old to use.

  9. Lai says:

    nice blog chomchom.info

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh Geneviève! I am so stealing this idea ~ let’s see…..some on the wall by my dressing table, some in the bath & then some in my walk in closet. I love people who can see things used for what they weren’t inteaded.

  11. Liz says:

    I love these. I especially love the pot rack hack, because I’ve been trying to figure out something that will work for my space. I might be able to do this! Yay.

  12. Mommy Sasha says:

    I simply love the idea of hanging pots and pans! Thanks

  13. Maria says:

    I Love it! Ah, can’t wait to go to Ikea now. It’s almost like I have to bring my laptop and browse this page as I walk down the joyous paths of Ikea. :)

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