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The light feast #1

I’ll be posting a series of lighting and lamp hacks today and the next two days. Here are the first few.

A movable pendant light

A hacker who prefers to be anonymous sends me this fantastic movable pendant lamp.

“We have transformed a cheap ceiling lamp (Melodi) into a work lamp. We only needed a longer cable and a curtain rail.”

Salad bowl lamp

Roberto combines a Janauri lamp and Blanda salad bowl for a cool looking shade.

To drill a hole in the Blanda salad bowl, Roberto recommends using the same tools proposed for the Boholmen: the FIXA 2-piece tool set which is sold separately.

PosteRazor lamp shade

Leslie hacked an Ikea paper floor lamp. It’s the Skyar, I think, but it is no longer available on Ikea’s site. You could do a similar thing with the Horup.

Leslie tells me, “We recently hacked an Ikea lamp. Taking a picture of our beloved Astroboy, we used PosteRazor to enlarge and print it on sheets of backlit film for inkjet printers (from Folex), then attached the sheets to the lamp frame using photoclips and some nylon thread (easy but fiddly).”

Cherry wood floating sink
The light feast #2

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