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Published on July 4th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


Server in a bread bin

Jonk hides a server in an Ikea bread bin! Fantastic.

He writes, “This is my build log for my server in an Ikea breadbox. Photos and descriptions are available here.

11_the_power_is_in_too 13_the_hard_drive_is_in_place

14_all_finished_above 16_all_finished_closed

Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the breabox but the computer specs are:
Motherboard: VIA EPIA ML6000EA.
Memory: 512 mb.
HD: 160 gb.
Powerspply: Morex Powerkit 80W.
OS: Ubuntu.

It’s a server I use for hosting blogs and stuff and it’s running 24/7.”

Updated! February 23, 2009
Lezziter and Manche’s Emu server
They recently built a webserver in an Ikea Emu box.

“The goal was to create a small, silent machine that is easy to move around. Specifications below.

  • Motherboard: INTEL D945GCLF
  • Memory: 1GB 800MHz DDR2
  • HDD: 250GB WD SE16
  • PSU: FSP200-50SNV
  • Case: Modded Emu box from Ikea

See more of the Emu box server.

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13 Responses to Server in a bread bin

  1. Jonk says:

    I’m desperately looking for a new breadbin of the same kind, a Reda from Ikea! Please help! You will be rewarded!

    Read more here (in swedish):

  2. Anonymous says:

    people seem to forget the original imac was housed in plastic as well.

  3. Jonk says:

    Hi! I’m glad to see that so many of you like it. Many seem to be concerned about the heat but no need to worry. It has been running since late 2005 and the heat of the hard drive is quite steady at 37-40 degrees celsius.

  4. BigFromage says:

    Running 24/7. Hate to think that it might make your apartment ‘toast’!

  5. Gustav says:

    It runs pretty good, and I’m hosting my blog there right now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is a neat idea, but please beware that the plastic might not be able to take the “heat” and may catch fire… or something.. just know that the professional servers are builded with proper plastic case. :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ubuntu is one click away on google, you know …

  8. Ägypten 08 says:

    Isnt´t the heat a problem? I thinking about melting… I really like the Idea. The couple not ugly cases out there are always incredibly expensive…


  9. Anonymous says:

    what is ubuntu? where can i get it

  10. Anonymous says:

    look s good what fun

  11. Anonymous says:

    building a computer inside a plastic case is always a bad idea because of static buildup. A metal case provides an opportunity for the static to run to earth but plastic will just insulate it and store it up eventually causing all kinds of problems.

  12. topia7 says:

    This is such a clever idea.
    It would look great in one of their stainless steel bread bins, such as Ordning, too.
    Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  13. strandkiesel says:

    That is such a neat idea. I have the exakt same breadbox but haven’t used it in years. I might give this a try!

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