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Published on July 17th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


Make space for baby!

Brittanie and hubby lives in a relatively small apartment and with the new arrival of their baby boy, finding closet space wasn’t easy.

Her solution? A bookcase closet space.

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“We got a small bookcase from Ikea and drilled holes into the sides of it. We then slipped a curtain rod through the holes and created a small closet type setup for our baby’s room. We can take out the shelves as he gets bigger, but for now it’s incredibly wonderful to have. We use the knobs on the outside to hang his bath towels. Simple, but perfect for us.”

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13 Responses to Make space for baby!

  1. Lovin' It says:

    This was such a smart idea. I actually did it over the weekend and it looks wonderful. Its so cute. Love reaching over and grabbing my childs clothes of the hagers.

  2. Tururu says:

    I do something similar with the bookcase magiker.

    It´s a good cheap idea!

  3. Anonymous says:

    fantastic idea! i have three daughters who each have a large closet, but it’s hard and expensive to organize and design and the rods are high. The thing I love about this idea is that you are limited on space, so you aren’t as tempted to buy a bunch of clothes that your child really doesn’t need anyway. I have found that if I spend more on a few really darling outfits, I don’t mind having less.

    I’m thinking of doing one of these for my four year old. How easy and cute would it be to put a weeks worth of clothes on her own little rack, complete with shoes, socks and everything. I could put the rest of her clothes up so she doesn’t make a mess of them. Perfect for pre-school and easier and not as overwhelming as a big closet full of stuff.

    Love the towel on the side idea too. Thanks!

  4. Im'perfect says:

    neat idea about the baby closet from a bookshelf! next time i have a bump in the oven… i’ll be sure to tell my hubby to build me one :o )


  5. JFox says:

    I have to say, that that fish tank is a beautiful thing, Im impressed! major props!

  6. Jenney says:


    I just had my first boy after six girls. We don’t have a spare room right now so until we move to a bigger place, his things are all in our room.

    We didn’t want to get him a big piece of furniture because we don’t want to move it. This is perfect: cheap and small for a little guy who is waiting for his own space.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Good luck when the baby acquires many more clothes and stuff.

    Nice, but not useful in the long run.

  8. joe says:

    good idea. This idea could be extended to a Billy bookcase with doors… and it would look like a wardrobe. :)

  9. M2JL says:

    That is just too cute :)

  10. Chica & Jo says:

    This idea also works to organize children’s dress-up clothes:

  11. Absolutely brilliant!

  12. GeoWulf says:

    You could also use the many ‘bars’ that are in the AS IS dept of Ikea.

    Some only require a few small holes and they mount right to the sides of the shelf wall.

  13. Miss Laura says:

    PERFECT. Goodness. This makes me feel much less pressure to get a bigger place when DH and I decide to start a family!

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