Published on July 31st, 2008 | by Jules IKEAHacker


Hackeas: No sweat hacks

I’ve not posted hackeas (quick and easy Ikea hacks) for a while. Here are a few quickies that do not require too much hacking, drilling or sawing. Enjoy!

Add a little some thing extra
To get away from your Liatorp bookcases looking soooo Ikea, add some knobs from Anthropologie, like how curlywurlygurly did.

See more on her blog.

Shoe rack monitor stand
Fr33z turns a shoe rack into a monitor stand. “I needed a stand for my TFT screen so that I could put my keyboard underneath it when i needed my desk space to work/solder/etc. So I bought myself a Babord shoe rack and chopped half of it off. The result is a nice clean, transparent monitor stand with space underneath for my keyboard and mouse.”

Book stand as laptop stand
Dario repurposes the Bokis book end into a laptop stand. Just flip it over and prop your laptop on it.


See more on Dario’s blog here.

Easy cover up
Jessica B covered a plain white computer table with a piece of picnic table vinyl. She cut it to size and simply taped it underneath the tabletop to a snug fit. It cost her the price of the Ikea table and the vinyl ($2) found at a fabric store.

CD tower book shelf
Caro bought a scruffy Benno CD tower from a thrift store and converted it into a narow bookshelf perfect for her tiny cloakroom toilet. A fresh coat of paint, some ‘L’ brackets and impact adhesive, she added the spare shelves as useful extra space for plants etc.

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Jules IKEAHacker

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12 Responses to Hackeas: No sweat hacks

  1. Some great ideas here. Well done.

  2. thanks for posting my mini-hack. cheers!

  3. Thomas says:

    I really like the monitor stand. The CD rack idea is a good one too. I’m not sure about this Scientology video at the bottom of the post though …

  4. Kaitis says:

    haha i just found this blog, what a hilarious good idea.

    check out my blog at http://www.we-rate-stuff.com

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice. You must contact Älmhult!

  6. Michael B says:

    I really like the CD rack idea, got to try that out!

    - http://cashcratepays.com/

  7. Mr.HappyMan says:


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  8. wow that’s really creative! nice work!

  9. Pravin Varma says:

    The book shelf is excellent!!!

  10. that table looks beautiful!
    delicious too!

  11. Sithean says:

    I really like the CD tower and the computer table hacks. I love how you can take something useful, but relatively plain, and transform it so easily with a just a little bit of work. Well done!

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