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Bedroom series #4: What to do with odd shaped rooms?

odd shape room wardrobe

Uneven walls, sloping roof or living in an attic bedroom? We can’t always have the perfect room but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less. Ikea hackers have found ways to hide the ugliness and bring on the beauty.

Hide it behind Pax doors

Wim from Holland bought his house and had to deal with a low ceiling, making it tough for him to put in a standard wardrobe.

odd shape room wardrobe

He says, “To solve this problem we could use sliding doors, but we didn’t like that style. We went to Ikea to see what parts they had available and we liked the Pax series.

I fitted the interior with just with cheap plastic fittings in the measurements of the Pax front doors and drawers. To create enough distance between the doors I used 10cm (approx 4″) wood strips.

attic bedroom storageattic bedroom storageattic bedroom storage

Richard’s attic bedroom storage with the Malm

He says, “I had a need for more storage in my attic bedroom, so I employed three Ikea Malm dressers, a few cabinet doors that matched my finish, and carved myself a nice built-in storage space.

attic bedroom storage

I built a cavity with plywood (after I measured all my dressers and doors) in my knee walls. Then I insulated behind the cavity, and slid the dressers in place. I just hung a clothes rod behind the door cavities for shirts and such.

attic bedroom storage

I finished with some Ikea mood lights above, and voila!

About the only part that wasn’t from Ikea was the wood trim outlining it all, but that was recycled from a salvage yard.

Mary’s attic bedroom storage with kitchen cabs

She tells me, “I was turning an attic into a bedroom; it had short walls because of the roof. So I bought four basic kitchen cabinets with flat white doors and wire pullout trays, and set them into the wall (may have to trim base to fit) and added 1/2″ shoe molding.

attic bedroom

More space, less filling! (In the picture, you can also see that the lights are from Ikea and the little bedside table has been repurposed as a bathroom cabinet.)

Sloping wall gets a new face

I love how Rapunzel turned this lemon into lemonade. The sloping wall is hidden behind this fabulous looking fabric headboard, surrounded by cabinets (akurum, I think).

bedroom makeover

The wardrobes were removed but the problem with the wall is that it is warped backwards, with the bottom the wardrobes close to the wall but gaping at the top.

bedroom makeover

The view from the bed was less than pleasant, as you would be able to look directly into the wall gap. To solve this problem, Rapunzel added wall cabinets between the wardrobes to create a nook for the bed underneath.

Then, she mounted a panel of fabric by way of a square timber attached to the bottom of the wall cabinets. The fabric is attached to the timber by velcro, which I think is brilliant. The look of the room can be easily changed just by changing the fabric. Fantastic!

changeable fabric headboardchangeable fabric headboardchangeable fabric headboard

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10 Responses to Bedroom series #4: What to do with odd shaped rooms?

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    How come I cannot see the Malm hack anymore? I need help with my knee walls and it sounds great! Can you restore the pictures?

  2. Great way to make space. I rally like the fabric that was hung behind the bed. This will save me on painting.

  3. Rose Allen says:

    I like the outcome of the space you have make use for the bedroom to look very comfortable and neat. This simple tips will really be of help especially to people who just want to have something to look forward in going home. A place to call HOME.

  4. Mary Anne Jones says:

    Living in an earthquake-prone area, having a overhead storage is a no-no. While designing our rooms, we made sure that no furniture will fall on us while we are sleeping.

  5. I am also not a fan of having a storage cabinet over the bed, for safety reasons. It’s a great idea hiding the sloping wall behind the cabinets.

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  6. Amazing idea !! At first look nobody can get the concept !!

  7. Khürt says:

    What are the dimensions of the room? I am planning a bedroom project for my master bedroom. I often have difficulty imaging how something would fit into the room even after taking measurements.

  8. charlotte says:

    Such a shame they’ve covered up such unique room features though; surely they could have made better use than sticking wardrobe doors in front of it?!

  9. snicker says:

    re: Sloping wall gets a new face

    Demon Kitty orders you to love this hack.

    I love the built-in headboard! The storage cabinets over the bed are brilliant (although here in earthquake country, I’d want to beef up the cabinet latches and not store anything head-crushing in there – linens maybe?).

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