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Published on May 27th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


ikea celebrates summer

it’s summer over at ikea and it’s looking bright and breezy. click here to check out their summer collection.
summer1 summer2

since we’re all in sunshine mode, thought i’ll post some outdoor or garden hacks.
container garden table
pia hacked an old lack table into storage for gardening equipment and place for her plants.
bord m vika kaj ben curtain pillowandcurtain

she says, “it now hides our tumble drier and lots of gardening equipment. i removed the old legs, put on vika kaj and turned them so they became maximum height, which is 90 cm (approx 35″), then i used some fabric and some ironing glue, you can buy that at ikea as well. no sewing required, simply measure the places you want to hang the curtains, and iron the edges – you need to make an opening for the curtainholder to go through, and then attach the curtains to the table as shown in the photo.”
bouquets of bloom
chelsea pairs an old farm window with ikea for a bit of country.

she says, “so, i have a bunch of old farm house windows (from a friend’s family farm), and had yet to put them to use, but had lots of ideas fluttering through my head. today i finally used one of the windows. it was super simple. i used a kroken kitchen rail, and 3 kroken cutlery caddies.

i attached some eye hooks to the back of the window, and then chain to that (which i bought by the foot at my local home improvement store), and then attached the chain using S hooks into the soffit overhang. i still plan to stencil a little hummingbird, and some sort of quote (once i decide which one). it was really easy, only took me about 20 minutes, and cost only $16!”
spruce up the old
alessandro gave the wooden applaro chaise lounge a sunny new colour.

13032008(001) 13032008

let there be light
dario from italy, with help from his neighbour, sandro, hacked some outdoor lighting for his graphic studio.

he says, “i live in italy close to venice and have a graphic studio in the countryside. together with our neighbor sandro we had to decide outdoor lighting styles of the studio. he came up a cool and cheap idea.

here is what you need:
- light bulb
- light socket
- ordning cutlery stand
- ikea plastic mug (actually they don’t sell what we used anymore, but i believe kalas can be even better.. no handle!)
- bolt and screw
- transparent rubber pipe
2 1 3

just make an hole on the bottom of the mug, cut the handle and put it together.. that’s it! the mug keeps the rain away from the wires and will give a touch of relaxing color to your house!


see more on dario’s blog.

now for some summer fun
need some thing to hold toys around the pool? this one from rob is simple but totally workable.

rob says, “i cannot take credit for this hack. i got the idea from familyfun.com. they say to use a small white clear wastebasket, and i thought of the fniss clear wastepaper basket. it only took a couple of hours. the nice thing about the fniss is you don’t need to use the marbles per the directions. it makes a nice umbrella stand, then in the summer use it around the pool for toys.”

see more on rob’s blog.


help change the world with an email
on another note, this is some thing we can all do to help make this world a better place. if you remember, colin beavan (who is also part of the liferemix network) of no impact man is meeting congressman jerrold nadler this friday to ask him to support an effective global warming mitigation policy that is based not on what is politically possible but on what is scientifically necessary.

his dream is to show nadler and speaker pelosi thousands of emails supporting his position. if you’d like to help, go to Colin’s blog, copy the form email, and send it to [email protected] those of you who aren’t American citizens, please put “From a world citizen to whom American policy makes a huge difference” in the subject, so that he can deliver them but keep them separate.

More hacks on IKEAHackers.net

another way to hang your stolmen
hackadditions: share your version

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10 Responses to ikea celebrates summer

  1. Heather says:

    Pia, who made the plant table above her clothes dryer:

    It looks like the table leg is squishing the hot air exhaust tube for your dryer. You can burn out the dryer, or worse, burn down your house if the dryer is not properly vented. Please consider moving the dryer line on the other side of the table leg so it is not pressed up against the wall. Your life may depend on it!

  2. em says:

    We need to separate Bush from America from global warming from IKEA. I hate Bush, I like America, I think that science does NOT support the theory of global warming, and IKEA is more important than any of those things. Can’t we come together on our passion for the greatest store on earth? Thanks for being so reasonable Jules, you’re the best.

  3. Liz says:

    well said, chelsea.

    Your window hack is pretty cool. There’s a coffee shop in Atlanta that has a window hanging from the ceiling to divide the room into two cozy sections. It works really well, and is cute. Someone could modify chelsea’s hack to be functional indoors as well as outdoors.

  4. Chelsea says:

    anonymous–I find it interesting that you say “bush/america bashing” as if they’re one in the same—trust me, Bush is not america–if you recall, the majority of america DID NOT vote for him…..but due to an archaic and antiquated electoral college system set up by the federalists a couple hundred years ago, he “won”……and our village is being lead by its idiot.
    oh, and pretty sure Jules works her little petutie off making this a kickass blog–so if you don’t like some of the content, go ask Fox News to give you your DIY fix, because we don’t want you then.
    and finally–grow some balls and don’t be anonymous.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh, no! The comments thingy fixed itself – maybe it was me – sorry to waste your time!
    Love, love, love your blog, thanks for putting in the effort.
    Jane in Australia

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, off topic, but under the post it reads “0 comments” but listed in the “Recent comments” column on the right side of the page, there are comments.

  7. Mackie says:

    it is sad that somebody could see that as “America bashing”. since when is making use of your constitutional rights “America bashing”?

    and honestly, if it bothers you – it is one small paragraph. just read on to the next hack.

    (well done, Jules.)

    i really LOVE the light fixtures out of the cutlery stand :-D

  8. Anonymous says:

    That ordning cutlery stand is
    a great thingie… who got other ideas for it?

  9. Jules says:

    hi anon, sorry if that bugged you. i don’t do this often unless i think it is important. you are free to respond to the call as you see fit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You know what would be so awesome? If the many non-political blogs that I love to read would refrain from political activism. I am so tired of getting random unpleasant surprises in my Google Reader. Not everyone who appreciates good design is politically liberal! Enough with the global warming groupthink and Bush/America bashing, please! It is so stale …

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