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Published on May 12th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


and now, it’s handsfree reading

i do a lot of reading and typing while at my desk so i totally dig this hack from gordon.

DSC00585 DSC00581

he writes, “i was definitely inspired by switch to handsfree psp viewing but i was looking for something a little more multi-purpose. you usually see these retractable boom arms in radio stations with a microphone attached to it (about $150!) for $8.99, ikea’s tertial lamp works just as well as a music stand in my home studio. for added stability, i recommend swapping out the (flimsy) stock hardware for higher quality bolts and wing nuts. also, plumbing hardware works wonders for permanent mounting to a desk or wall.”

DSC00583 DSC00589

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3 Responses to and now, it’s handsfree reading

  1. EATandHALAL says:

    I do really like the idea of using the metal as the holder and not coloured metal

  2. Emma says:

    when i need to read while I type in the same time I use a “page up”, it is much smaller than this system ,it takes less effort as you just need to buy it and here in france it cost less than 1 euro!

  3. canestrini says:

    Very nice indeed!

    Last week I was thinking of rigging two speakers in the same way, on each side of my TV, for quick musik/TV reconfiguring. There is a cable canal perfectly suited for the speaker cable.

    If/when I make it, I’ll try to post it here.

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