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Published on March 7th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


show ‘em off! an action figure cabinet and screen

i’m back, with a brand new compaq laptop. so far it is holding out great, though windows vista is a bit of a nuisance. anyways, i’ve an action figure cabinet screen from jon for you today.


jon says, “i got inspired to make a freestanding shelving unit for my action figures and instantly thought of stripa shelves.

it might be a bit of overkill on the woodworking but it’s what i like to do in my free time: someone could just as easily use nails or screws to assemble the shelves.” the stripa shelves are sandwiched between two uprights. jon used a biscuit joiner and made slots in the stripa shelves and uprights. biscuits are then added with a dash of glue to hold them together. piano hinges link the 2 panels.

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see jon’s photos and instructions on making the two panels.

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10 Responses to show ‘em off! an action figure cabinet and screen

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree it’s not very pretty, but it’s nice to see someone using traditional wood working techniques as with the biscuits. Those shelves will be very strong and they won’t move around much. As someone who does 90% of his work with a cordless drill I’m jealous of the guy’s wood working rig. :-)

  2. TootsNYC says:

    Add Plexiglas or Lucite to front and back, and you’ll never have to dust!

    And I’d be really tempted to use Quake Wax so if someone bumped the screen, the figures didn’t all topple.

  3. Mackie says:

    i find it a little bizarre that people comment on the cables :rollingeyes: the Neatness Police, maybe? ;-)

    i like the idea, but like somebody said earlier, something mesh like as a back would make it more efficient as a screen, and would give the display more “space”.

    it has given me an idea for something with the stripa shelves, too, so thank you for the inspiration! :-D

  4. jono says:

    Sorry bout the cables! – its just our office setup.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s functional, but it’s not very pretty is it?

    Also as a screen it doesn’t really block anything does it?

    It’d be neat to see the back filled in, maybe with some type of mesh. Also some discrete lighting would be cool.

    As for the gold paint? Eww.

  6. Anonymous says:

    wow! what a messy wiring @ the back of the cabinet.

  7. Robj98168 says:

    Eoe – I dont have any action figures but this would make a most excellent display unit for my model cars! Good Job!

  8. Jonathan Blundell says:

    looks like he needs a hack for his computer wires too ;-)

  9. Marie says:

    Very clever… I like it.

  10. Magenta79 says:

    very usefull to display collections, and you can use it as a room divider

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