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Published on March 18th, 2008 | by Jules Yap


a vattern tv and entertainment unit

martin does a fabulous job hacking this tv and media cabinet from the vattern bathroom range.

“my original concept was to create an integrated book shelf and tv entertainment unit. i wanted a more modern bookshelf, that could hold lots of books, dvds, and decorations while hiding most of the av equipement associated with entertainment units.

ikea offers a tv bench called friel, but was too expensive for my budget. instead, i opted to use a standard vattern high bathroom cabinet and placed it on its side. i mounted six 6″ legs to elevate the cabinet, and added two vertical shelves inside for support and stability.

Ikea Bookshelves

i used an ommen glass door front with three standard hinges and two soft opening arms. one of the bonus features of using a frosted glass door front is that infared signals from dvd and receiver remote works through the glass. since i had a large wall to cover, i used two vattern cabinets, which provided a very sleek horizontal look and not to mention, more storage space. i then added two expedit bookcases to provide the storage for books and decorations. i still plan to get baskets to hold the dvds and obviously purchase a 42″ LCD HDTV.”

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8 Responses to a vattern tv and entertainment unit

  1. Andrew says:

    I’d also like to know where you sourced the legs. We’re considering a MALM bed hack and would need something like that.

  2. Martin says:

    You can get a variety of different legs from a variety of hardware stores. I got the 6inch legs from Ikea. I like the simple styling. They are stainless, not aluminum.

  3. Martin says:

    Hey Ahmet, the inside looks the same as any other kitchen/bathroom cabinet. I used two shelves per cabinet as vertical support. This is critical since anything on top such as the book case or tv would cause it to sag otherwise. The only other thing I did on the inside was drill a 3inch diameter hole to allow space for a powerbar on the inside to plug in the a/v equipement. This keeps all the wires tucked inside and out of site.

  4. jeremy says:

    Very nice. I was considering trying to build something like this but not anymore. $90.00 ? That’s awesome. Where did you get the six inch legs?

  5. martin says:

    Hey Jrotem thanks for the comment. The advantage going with kitchen or bathroom cabinets is that there are a variety of sizes. Also there are more options for door fronts and such. Keep in mind that the caracass will remain white. Which is part of the reason why I choose white bookcases. The doors swing down. You have to be carefull about that since there is the potential for the hinges to rip out. I will in the near future add better hardware or safety chain.

  6. Anonymous says:

    nice job.

    i am really interested in how you attached the door. Does it open up or down? Also do you have any pictures you could email me of what the hinge set up looks like.

    I am trying to attach some drawer fronts to a Besta Bench and am having trouble finding a good solution that hides the hardware.

    any help would be great.

  7. jrotem says:

    Great idea — I’ve been thinking how to do something similar,maybe with kitchen cabinets, but this might be better. I assume the doors open from top to down? Also,I wonder if it is wide enough for any but the smallest tvs.

  8. Ahmet says:


    very nice hack!
    Could you please show me some inside pics of the vattern?


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