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Published on September 18th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


how to fit a larger tv into your old media unit

frank had a little predicament when he decided to upgrade his tv. it was too tall and too wide to fit into his existing borghamn media storage unit. what frank finally did was to add plexiglass “feet” to his borghamn to give the verticals a bit of a lift. here is the end result:
CIMG1021 CIMG1020

no instructions from frank, only self-explanatory process photos.

CIMG0957 CIMG0953

CIMG0956 CIMG0954
CIMG0963 CIMG0971
CIMG0978 CIMG0980
CIMG0983 CIMG0984
CIMG0985 CIMG0986
CIMG0999 CIMG1000
CIMG1001 CIMG1014
CIMG1002 CIMG1015
first published on this forum (in german).
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2 Responses to how to fit a larger tv into your old media unit

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had an Expedit tv unit. I recently bought a 40″ LCD because that was the biggest that would fit in it. I didn’t realize that the TV would take up the entire TV space, so there was no heat dissipation from the TV. I was concerned the tv would blow out from overheating. I bought an articulating wall mount that extends out about 12″. I mounted it to backing of the expedit, and now I can extend the TV outside of the expedit frame so it won’t overheat, and when it is cooled down, I can push it back into the frame so it is flush with the rest of the unit. It looks pretty good

  2. Anonymous says:

    Uuuumm the risers are very clever, but the leds remind me of “underlighting” popular on cars driven by teenaged boys

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