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Published on September 10th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


a chocolate slipcover for liz and cthulhu?

we have entries!

liz andrade & her cat, cthulhu need help to salvage their klippan sofa. if you think liz and kitty deserve the prize, give them a vote.

need some more reasons? …ok, let’s see, i’m sure i could get this to an even dozen.

7. i’m so over the red.
8. cat hair will show up less on the baroque chocolate brown pattern.
9. the chocolate brown will match my hair, and how cute would that be?
10. i’m a web designer and programmer from seattle, i spend a lot of time on my laptop sitting on my couch.
11. i was very unpopular as a kid.
12. please.

the 2 bemz slipcovers (she can’t decide!) she would love to win.

want to win $500 to spend at bemz? here’s how to send in your entry.

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13 Responses to a chocolate slipcover for liz and cthulhu?

  1. Jenna says:

    Well.. I do want Bubo to win… but this is a close second for me.

    First off… I work for a web design firm, I’m sitting on my couch with my lap top. I totally get that.

    I have three kitties. You have them because you love them, and you either deal with the scratchy thing, or you simply don’t own cats. (Or use citrus junk or whatever) So to the person who suggested declawing, A pox on your private parts!

    And for #’s 11 and 12… well… I’m sorry. *hug*

  2. Anonymous says:

    another way to keep your cat from scratching the sofa is double-sided sticky tape which you can get at the pet store (they don’t like the feel of it), or Feliway Spray, a synthetic cat feel good hormone. The Feliway is REAL EXPENSIVE but works. The tape looks awful, but the cats hate it and the tape will not damage your furniture as the random combination of chemicals and unknown fiber mixes potentially can. Declawing is cruel cruel cruel. I made a scratching post by wrapping sisal rope around the newel post of my staircase. They love it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I vote yes but only if Liz promises to learn to spell laundrOmat ;-p

    BTW that patterned cover is gorgeous. Give her both!

  4. mel says:

    for keeping cats off the furniture, i’ve use “sticky paws” with great success – AND it doesn’t mess up your upholstery:

    the sticky sheets are clear, so you can really see them. just stick them to the arms, legs, back of the couch – wherever the cats like to scratch. cats don’t like the sticky feeling on their paws and they’ll stay away.

  5. diane says:

    Just as a heads up for all of the cat owners out there – I FINALLY figured out how to keep my cat from clawing the couch! Go to the Whole Foods (or other health food store) and get a can of that natural orange air freshener spray. Spritz it on the arms of the couch (or whatever your kitty likes to destroy) and she’ll steer clear. Cate hate citrus. I wish I had learned this 2 years ago.
    Good luck!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Declawing a cat is cruel and inhumane. If you have a cat you should be prepared that they will scratch things. This is why Bemz is perfect, I find their slipcovers are much better quality than Ikea, heavier, and while my cats still scratch it it’s much less noticable than it was on my Ikea cover.

  7. justin says:

    woo hoo i live in seattle too! ftw!

  8. Janet says:

    Also- donate a scratching post or front declawing for that kitty

  9. Rouser says:

    Just cut up the old slipcover as a pattern and “hack” it yourself.

    Bemz is way overpriced, by the way. They make empty promises of plans to make slipcovers for older Ikea furniture.

    With the crappy USD exchange rate, I came out far ahead buying my own fabric AND sewing machine and gained the experience doing it myself.

  10. Anonymous says:

    haha! and i noticed that i to, have the kitty scratching mat to the side of my klippan. nice try on our part, they still go for the couch.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i’ve got the chocolate brown bemz on my klippan. it replaced the shrunk in the wash, covered in black cat hair orange ikea slipcover that i bought with the couch. ugh. thought my cats still do what little cthulhu is doing in that pic. i can sympathize, she needs it.

  12. surfmadpig says:

    Anyone who names their cat Cthulhu deserves so much (including this prize)

  13. LG says:

    I think number 11 and 12 got me… no doubt she deserves it :-D

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