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Published on August 30th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


unclutter your desk with this super minimal set up

i’m loving this compact tv console and mac mini desk set up that james from london sent in. it does everything a workstation needs to, yet when closed, almost disappears into the background. takes uncluttering to a new level.

james says, “we have a very small dining room which we also wanted to use to house a part-time computer desk. as we had a mac-compatible flatscreen lcd tv, and a lovely tiny mac mini, we were already half way down the line to super-minimalism. the solution was to adapt a faktum 92 x 40 kitchen wall cabinet with its abstrakt door (note: i can’t find the faktum on ikea’s site but the akurum works the same).

the unit has been reduced in width, height and depth (in fact it would have been cheaper to create the cabinet from scratch with mfc) and we’ve fitted ikea’s 0-protrusion blum hinges so the two surfaces (the base of the cabinet and the door when opened) align correctly. two brass stays hold the desk/door horizontal.

i would have got chromed stays but i can’t find any. there is an additional little flap, made from a strip cut off the depth of the cabinet, which makes the desk deep enough to comfortably use a mousemat.

when it’s all folded up, the cupboard is almost invisible and less than 20cm deep, and is perfect just for tv watching. the keyboard, mouse etc and all the cables fit inside the cabinet – there’s trunking running along the inside top, and of course the broadband is wireless, so only one power cable needs to exit the cabinet which runs the tv and mac together. we’re understandably proud of it!”

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14 Responses to unclutter your desk with this super minimal set up

  1. James says:

    Hi Paul

    The brass stays hold it up just fine – so far, anyway.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Akurum is just the american name for the Faktum cabinets, ame exact product, they just renamed it in the states.

  3. Paul says:

    What did you do to shore up the modified keyboard / work area. My concern is that this will start to sag in a hurry. Great idea for hiding a PVR and occasional use.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Emma

    It’s attached to the wall with 2 shield anchor bolts. The bigger the better – you don’t want to pull it off while leaning on the keyboard.


  5. Anonymous says:

    yes you can get cable with the elgato hybrid. it’s fantastic! get one.
    love this idea for my mac cinema display and mini combo. think I may attempt this, thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    great idea i just went to ikea to get all i need to do the same in our hallway for phone chargers etc… and somewhere to put our keys. How have you attached this to the wall? did you run into any prob’s?


  7. asha says:

    Ingenious! I adore white, and I love seeing this, especially since chocolate brown is so predominant nowadays.

  8. jaaaaack says:

    Not at all – because when the Mac’s on, the door’s open. Anyway, I don’t find the Mac Mini gets particularly hot. Hasn’t burnt so far, but thanks for the concern…

  9. estrella says:

    I’m not very used to macs but I’ve got a question…
    Doesn’t the processor get too hot there locked up? Or is there any way of cooling it that can’t be seen in the pics?

    Nice idea, anyway… if it doesn’t burn ;)

  10. James says:

    Thanks for the comments guys.
    Chris: The monitor cable does come out of a hole in the top of the cabinet – the other wire is a webcam cable which I haven’t got round to poking through the hole yet.
    Michael: yes, but you can’t get cable TV through a tuner like that can you? Our cable comes up under the floor and in the back of the TV.
    Anonymous: if you will buy me one…

  11. i think this is brilliant especially works great for small spaces. love it!


  12. Anonymous says:

    genius! looks great and is such a space-saver. well done!

    you should get a Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair because the black chair looks so out of place and sort of undoes the work of the “desk”…


  13. Michael says:

    IMO it would be even more minimalist if you used an iMac with Elgato’s USB TV tuner instead of a TV + MacMini. We use an iMac as a TV (and stereo, PVR, DVD player, and photo display)–it works very well.

  14. Cool. Could you drill a hole in the top of the cabinet for the monitor cable so that it doesn’t stick out of the front? Then it would be completely awesome.

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