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Published on August 23rd, 2007 | by Contributor


A Minimalistic Workstation that doesn’t max out your budget

James, inspired by the very droolworthy Milk Desk, went hacking to create a white and minimalistic work and music station. I love how the desk rolls away to reveal the keyboard.

Milk desk inspired Minimalistic Workstation DIY

The IKEA items used:
VIKA ARTUR legs (x2) — $60
Queen size MALM headboard(x1) — $10 in the as-is
LACK shelf (x1) — $25

Other misc:
Wall shelf metal tracking, 48″ (x2)
Casters (x4)
Pipe insulation (to dampen the rolling sound)

It involved lots of dremeling work. The end result more than made up for it.

Total cost: ~ $130
Cost of Milk Desk: $4700

James sent in assembly instructions. See them here.

59cent ikea diaper bag and changing pad
a touch of glass for the humble lack side table

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16 Responses to A Minimalistic Workstation that doesn’t max out your budget

  1. Drew says:

    god this mod is so money. I’m going to make it this weekend and I’ll keep you guys updated… its going to have some slight tweaks though given my room dimensions (the upper shelf is huge @ 75″!!).

    Also, since his keyboard is gargantuan enough to fit between the gap, im going to put another LACK shelf there instead… I’ll keep you all posted.

  2. treelotus says:

    i’d love to get more info on how to make this ingenius desk.
    has anyone else tried?
    is this thread still alive?

    p.s. how functional is the setup with recording? is it a pain with the keyboard in front of the computer?

  3. I love this idea! so smart!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is fabulous and I’d really like to do this for my husband. PLEASE publish a step by step, pretty please? What wood piece do you have holding the shelf tracks, and how do you make that stable?


  5. jonyangorg says:

    That’s awesome James. What’s that poster above your bed? What’s your next move from here on out?

  6. james says:

    trevor: the tops is actually very sturdy, with very little wiggle. The wheels on the casters fit snuggly into the tracks, and prevents any side to side movement.

    I also considered using a pull-out tray underneath the tabletop, but with the 60+ lb. Yamaha Motif 8, that would’ve been hard to do.

  7. Trevor says:

    It looks real swell, but how much wiggle does the main desk platform have sitting on those tracks?

    I have the same desk top and legs, but what I did for my keyboard was simply buy an ikea swing out keyboard tray. It was strong enough to hold my music keyboard. So when I need it it swings out.

  8. james says:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate all the positive responses!

    To answer the questions about the stability/mounting of the Malm: The top piece is actually not affixed to anything, it’s free-rolling on the “shelving tracks”. If you look at the bottom image, you’ll notice that the tracks actually extent all the way to the wall, so when the table top is pushed back, the tracks support the weight. The Malm itself isn’t that heavy, and when it’s pushed back, everything on top has to be shifted forward a bit, so the bulk of the weight is still over the legs.

    I currently have an 30″ Cinema display on the top and it holds up just fine. More photos/instructions to come as soon as I declutter my workstation a bit. I know that the aim was for a “minimalistic” desk, but I’ve been extremely busy lately :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wow…that is so cool!! Love it!!

  10. Jessica says:

    I cannot believe that there are not any comments gushing about what a well-put-together, pretty hack this is! The design is beautiful and so usable – cool, cool, cool! Do you have more specific directions than lots of dremeling?

  11. Gloria says:

    The second I saw all that Helvetica font, I knew they were Danish without looking at the URL. Not sure why …

  12. Anonymous says:

    Very cool! Any links with step-by-step photos/directions that show how he made the desk?

  13. Doug Moore says:

    How is the desk surface attached to the wall?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Great Job!!! Looks wonderful.

    Did you mount the malm to the wall also? How does it hold up/stability/strength-wise when you roll the bottom keyboard section out? Especially if you have anything on top of it, or anything heavier than the laptop.

  15. Anonymous says:

    That is absolutely brilliant.

  16. Inter Glossa says:

    That is terrific, which keyboard is that? That is just what I need for my Yamaha DGX-505!!

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