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Published on July 15th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


inspiration: moritz’s red and white studio

while i sort out the next batch of hacks to post, i thought i’ll just quickly share some fresh eye candy. this is from moritz of germany who shares my love for ikea and mitch albom.

the dunker light cum room divider (i can no longer find it on ikea’s website) looks great lined up in a row.

100_0956 100_0957 100_0953 100_0954 100_3929

“in the summer of 2005 i renovated my room totally and i nearly bought everything (of course) at ikea. i didn’t hack the furniture; i just took care, that they fit well with each other.

the only 2 furniture which are not from ikea are the bed and the cupboard on which the tv stands. and the metal-palm tree, of course (which was crafted by a local artist).”

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19 Responses to inspiration: moritz’s red and white studio

  1. prue says:

    anytime! :)

  2. James says:

    WOW, thanks so much Prue!!!!
    I found it here
    and I’m going to pick it up this weekend. Thanks again for your help!!!

  3. prue says:

    @james: I’ll just translate the previous post, as it answers your question (or comes close to it, at least): the owner of the above room wrote that these are from the vättern or anordna series. he compiled them himself from the cabinet base, glass doors, the feet, glass shelves and what he calls “standard lamps”, which I interpret as non-IKEA. He fixed the lamps at the top part and put the cables through holes in the back of the cabinet which were already there.

    maybe this helps….

  4. james says:

    what is the item name for the two lighted towers on the sides of the red Ikea PS locker. Are those the AKURUM cabinets w/ doors or is that some sort of Besta door combo.. does anyone know?

  5. aorhotte says:


    danke erstmal für das lob :-) .

    also die beiden schränke habe ich mir selber zusammengestellt. ich glaube damals hiess die reihe “vättern” oder so, kann jetzt “anordna” heißen, bin mir nicht ganz sicher.

    der ganze schrank besteht aus folgenden “einzelteilen”:
    -innen : glaseinlegeböden (wegen dem licht)
    -innen : standard lampen, die ich oben befestigt habe.
    das kabel konnte man ganz leicht rausführen, da hierfür schon 2 löcher in der rückwand vorgegeben waren.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi aorhotte,
    was sind das für Vitrinen-Schränke, die du da stehen hast? war heute beim ikea, konnte sie aber leider nirgends entdecken.
    Insgesammt ein sehr schönes Zimmer.
    Gruß Christian

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi aorhotte,
    was sind das für vitrinen-schränke, die du da stehen hast? war heute beim ikea und konnte sie leider nirgends entdecken.
    insgesammt ein sehr schönes Zimmer.
    Gruß Christian

  8. Jules says:

    it is the sonne workstation. think it is discontinued. but there is one for sale here for $50.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    FYI – Dunker(room divider/lamp) is now replaced with ORGEL.
    Hacker of Northern, North America

  11. aorhotte says:

    I´m very sorry, but it seems, that this desk isn´t availible anymore at ikea…

    the name was “sonne” (I know this, because this, naturally, swedish word has also a meaning in german…) and when I google for it, I find a pic of my desk..

    but when I search on the ikea website, I only find this one :

    (perhaps it´s the following product-”version”?)

    the sticker under the desk tells me this product number : 500.601.43

    but I think, it isn´t availible anymore…I´m sorry ! :- (

  12. StudioDweller says:

    I’m curious too…what desk is that? I want one!

  13. aorhotte says:

    dankeschoen fuer euren netten kommentare ;-) (thanks for all your nice comments!)

    @anonymous :

    here is the link to the product (german ikea website)

    but it seems, that you aren´t able to buy this roomlighter anymore..

    @ robb :
    which one do you mean ?
    that one, with the notebook on it, was called “sonne” in the ikea catalog..but I can´t find it on the website …
    well, I bought it in 2005, so it´s possible, that ikea doesn´t sell this one anymore

    the other desk is “custom-made”.
    I mixed the tabletop and the legs (of course: both are ikea products), so the whole desk even was very cheap..!

    a local artist had an exposition in a car dealership (mercedes-benz) and one of his works was this palm . my father liked it very much and so he bought it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t really mean ‘shagged’ in the UK/Aust sense?
    Perhaps ‘tired’ as in ‘jet lagged’?

  15. Sr_Skyzos says:

    That’s nice!

  16. Robb says:

    What desk is that? Don’t think I’ve seen that at Ikea before…

  17. Aleks says:


    Wonderfull place. But where do come the two irony palm trees?


  18. Anonymous says:

    wow, that lighted room divider is bad ass. never seen something like that before.

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