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Published on July 24th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


crafty trash bag holder

tons of yarn. plenty of eager crocheters and knitters. how do you keep them from becoming a tangled mess?


adora tipped me on this great use of the rationell plastic bag dispenser at maker faire [via such sweet hands]. just stuff the containers with yarn with the center pull tails snaking through the holes for eager needles.

further down the post, there is also a suggestion to close the open end and trap a cat toy inside to provide bored cats a challenge. what fun a trash bag holder can be.

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2 Responses to crafty trash bag holder

  1. arwen-lune says:

    Not for the first time this site makes me call out THAT’S BRILLIANT! :-)

    I do a lot of yarnbombing and often use a knitting machine for larger work. I’ve been looking all over for a way to store my 16+ cones of yarn on the wall in a way that leaves them visible and accessible – and something where I can leave them in place while I work the yarn is even better. I’ve been looking at baskets and cupboard, but this is way better and cheaper too. I want to rush to Ikea now to get a bunch of these things!

  2. valentinefolsum says:

    You are an angel. I surfed about 60+ ikea u.s. webpages today to try and find this item using these search terms, “bag holder,” “storage,” “kitchen,” etc etc and got no where. I purchased them while living in Switzerland but have never gotten organized enough to get to a store here. This has been on my to do list for 2+ years and I finally got to it today but i almost gave up until i found your blog. thank you. thank you! with your detailed info i was able to place a web order. my cousin is an avid knitter, so i’m sure she will appreciate if i show her your idea. are you sure you’re not a red bull? ’cause you have wiiiiings!

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