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Published on June 21st, 2007 | by Jules Yap


grono lamps as bathroom lights

barbara and gary were looking for bathroom light fixture but found nothing till they spotted the grono lamps (can’t find link on ikea website).


“we couldn’t find any bathroom light fixtures we really liked but walking past the display of little square glass table lamps (grono set) got me thinking. all it took was four of them and four small hand bent brackets and voila! problem solved.”


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6 Responses to grono lamps as bathroom lights

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had a similar idea for pendant lights for my bedroom but was concerned about the potential for heat build-up in the lights when inverted… I was going to be using 60-75 watt bulbs inside & they can get pretty toasty if left on for too long… any thoughts/suggestions/solutions to this dilema??

  2. Jay says:

    More details on the hand bent bracket, please. I bought the lamps already, would appreciate a step-by-step how to. Thanks in advance!

  3. femmme says:

    i love it but wait, how do you do it???????????

  4. Robert says:

    How do they go over the light like that? Are they cut out on the back?

  5. Faith says:

    It would be neat to see these lights on, but I guess I can use my imagination.

  6. Hello jules,

    you’ve been tagged!
    read more on my blog

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