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Published on May 2nd, 2007 | by Jules Yap


seat underlay to wall decor

caroline sent me this wall decor made from a seat underlay she bought at an ikea store in kållered, gothenburg. it’s a little thingamajig which you use when you are out on a picnic and want to sit on something comfy.

vardagsrum_097_1173705745 vardagsrum_065_1173706201


i’ve never seen one of these though and can’t find it on the site. but i do like how sweet they are on the wall. the pretty vine like pattern came as-is with the underlay. how cool is that. link.

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5 Responses to seat underlay to wall decor

  1. Robin says:

    hey all!! this is robin, an ikea living rooms co-worker from atlanta, georgia, us. i know this one, as we are stuck with hundreds of them. they are discontinued, and we have lots, and caroline is correct…it’s the IKEA PS APELVIK. it was sold as a seat cushion for the IKEA PS APELVIK chair, but we never recieved any chairs to sell, so we have hundreds of cushions leftover, so come visit me in atlanta to buy one!!!

  2. Caroline says:

    Hello! Caroline here.. I´ve checked on my receipt and I think that the name is: IKEA PS APELVIK, in that case it costs 30 swedish crowns. Bye

  3. Jules says:

    unfortunately, caroline does not remember the name either. :(

  4. 2007project says:

    hi, I couldn’t find in ikea either. what’s the product’s name?

  5. Danny says:

    Nice find. Would make a great stencil for a vine pattern or something on the wall.

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