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Published on April 1st, 2007 | by Jules Yap



kath tipped me on this piece from korean carmakers, Kia, in the spirit of april 1st.

“Kia today pulled the covers off a completely new motoring solution, the Concept i.

With the Concept i, Kia will be the first manufacturer to offer a modular car to UK customers enabling them to choose almost every aspect of their car from a simple ‘menu’. The ‘i’ is part of Kia’s initiative to provide design led vehicles which target European customers. With the help of their local Kia dealer, customers can choose the engine, transmission and trim specification of their vehicle before opting for the rear module – saloon, hatch, estate or pick-up formats are all available. …”

and this is my favourite part of the “news release”.

“It was discovered in a recent survey that over 50 per cent of adults have built some sort of flat-pack furniture in the last few years. “It’s obviously a favourite pastime of people in the UK,” added Concept i Self-Build Programme Manager, Ms Janet Ester. “The hard part is getting the instruction manual right and all the right parts in the boxes and that’s where we have spent our time. We have trialled the idea with desks in the Korean design centre and we know it can be done. You don’t even need a comprehensive tool kit – there’s a simple Allen key included in the kit. Although you do need a wheel brace, which is available as an option.”


and i would have to start ikiahacker. ;P
read article.

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2 Responses to i-kia

  1. Anonymous says:

    i wouldn’t be particularly surprised if such a car out-performed the factory kias, considering what crappy quality they have.

    they did get one thing right — kia is essentially the ikea of cars: their stuff looks good until you try to move it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    happy april fools!

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