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Published on April 4th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


a neat little kitty box

any pet owner will tell you that ‘smells’ is an issue. annemarie found a way to handle it with a simple ikea hack.

“after moving into a cozier apartment than my old one, i had neighbors complain about ‘cat smells’ coming from my unit. i had no where to put my litter box but right near the door! there was no way i was going to leave an open cat box in the living room, right?

enter: ikea media storage system (circa 2003). it’s not listed anymore, so i can’t find the exact name.

i took out the middle shelf and put it on top of my oven as extra counter space. then i plucked out the piece of glass from the small door and sanded down the edges and took out the little pins that held the glass in. viola! cat door. the litter box fits inside, and so does all of its accessories. now the cats just crawl through the door, get their privacy, and nobody knows the difference. it can even get a little messy and it’s not a pain.”

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8 Responses to a neat little kitty box

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, fellow anonymous commenters.

    How can you discern that the litter looks dirty, gross, and bad without SEEING the litter box?

    The black container on the bottom contains the blue litter pan. You can see some scattered litter by the kitty (it seems he’s a digger!), but not the contents of the pan.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have 3 cats and 1 litterbox and it never looks this bad. :-\

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, its really gross.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this looks like a very dirty litter box. gross.

  5. *kristy* says:

    I have 10 cats in a two bedroom apartment. I am fostering 7 of them, so they won’t be living here forever. I clean the litter boxes twice a day and put containers of baking soda near the litter boxes, I have 10 of them. Considering how many there are, I really don’t have a “smell” problem. I also air out the place when the weather is nice.
    When people say their house/apt stinks, I just think it’s because they don’t clean the litter box enough.
    Also, if you have an enclosed litter box you run the risk of litter box aversion. Your cat is stuck in a place with no air flow and they don’t want to go in there because it stinks. So, they choose the floor beside the bed or another inconvenient place.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great Idea!

  7. Annemarie says:

    I wish. But I have two, so they would probably each want a seperate bathroom, as picky as they are.

    Sorry the photo quality is bad and it’s messy- this was taken the day before we cleared the apartment to renovate.

  8. GeoWulf says:

    Or you could always train your cat to use the toilet instead of the litterbox

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