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Published on February 13th, 2007 | by Jules Yap


do you have problems ordering ikea online?

“i want to know if anyone else has had difficulty ordering ikea merchandise through their online or phone services? i have had about five orders “mysteriously” disappear from their system. i have the email inquiries i’ve sent and i’ve documented the frustration on my blog in this post.

i originally ordered the vika amon/vika artur desk on september 8 and have yet to see it. it seems the trestles are always out of stock, even when i call first to see if they have any then immediately place the order. i still get the “out of stock” email. i even had one phone rep give me a delivery date, which came and went. i know someone else would have given up a while ago, but there is no other desk that i want. in addition, the nearest ikea never has this part in stock either.

so i would like to know if anyone has had this problem or if anyone has recently received this table through phone or online ordering. also any suggestions that someone can give me would be greatly appreciated. thanks.” – lisa m. williams

sorry to hear of your frustration. anybody has advice for lisa?

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11 Responses to do you have problems ordering ikea online?

  1. Bulat says:

    I am having trouble ordering from ikea in Cyprus.
    My family bought a house there. I am buying everything from ikea and the total cost of everything – about 7000 Euro. Finally I filled my cart and want to check out. The website gives me 504 Gateway Time-out every time. what should i do?

  2. Denis says:

    I ordered $2,300 worth of furniture from ikea online. When I learned that it would take at least three weeks to arrive, I cancelled the order, drove to the nearest ikea store–a few hours drive–and bought the same furniture there. I was assured that I would get my money for the cancelled purchase refunded within two weeks. It is past that, and still no refund. Every time I call the ikea number I am disconnected at least six, seven times before I am finally put on hold, to listen to jingle music. Sometimes the music goes on for 20-30 minutes before I am forced to hang up–I do have a life after all. I have been calling daily for a week and I still have not spoken to someone there to ask about my refund. I would strongly advise anyone considering online ordering to reconsider. At best you’ll get your things in three weeks. At worst, you’ll get ripped off. I am seriously considering taking legal action. THis has been the worst online shopping experience ever. I am beginning to wonder whether the entire ikea online system is just a deliberate scam.

  3. Simon says:

    I’ve tried Chrome, Safarari, the Mobile version AND the App and every time I try to check out it fails to get past the address input stage.

    Fucking awful.

  4. Bill Morgan says:

    The Ikea online experience is incredibly poor. I was trying to purchase some kitchen cabinets and discovered that two cabinets with assorted extras, a total of about $550, would cost $299 for delivery. So I checked availability in the West Sacramento and Emeryville stores. Ikea Online informed me that there was no inventory of my cabinets in the stores. A few days later I was within two hours drive of the West Sac store so made the trip. All of the stuff the website told me they did not have was in stock except for two side panels, which the clerk offered to obtain from another store and ship to me for $15. I brought everything else home and today, five days later, FedEx shows the package out for delivery this afternoon.
    I believe Ikea Online is a scam to generate preposterous delivery charges. When the delivery fees total over 50% of the merchandise costs and they tell you the items are not in stock in the stores when they actually are, it constitutes something worse than poor implementation of their website. More like fraudulent bait-and-switch.

  5. Anna says:

    I know…what gives with the Ikea online ordering anyway? It will not take my “County” and you can’t get past the first address delivery page. They are closed at night so can’t call until daytime hours and the whole thing is stupid. They need to fix their software.

    • Anna says:

      I forgot to mention I got mad at the robot helper and asked her what good was she anyway? She then answered “I am sorry you feel that way”. Must get a lot of complaints.

  6. Dean says:

    I tried to order an item via online website. All fields are filled in properly, but once I click continue, I receive the following error in red:_ERR_IKEA_MISSING_JURISDICTION_SHIPPING

    Further down the form, inserted between form lines in black text is:
    ???IRW_AD_lbl_private_bill_jurisdiction??? *

    I tried reentering the form, I tried starting over from scratch, I tried a different computer, no luck. Sorry Ikea, no order placed and I’m not driving an hour to your mega-crowded-mega-sized store to buy this. Do your website developers also work for the ObamaCare website?

  7. Luxurias says:

    I too love Ikea products but HATE, do you hear me – H.A.T.E, HATE trying to use their website or online services or online ordering ~ seems something is pretty regularly ‘messed-up’. I only keep going back because I too, love the products and can find nothing elsewhere that I like better (within Ikea’s budget friendly price range). Arrgghh.

  8. RenovateKate says:


    I’m also a frustrated IKEA shopper. I go online to order, but nothing I want is EVER available online. It can only be purchased in-store.

    I love how inexpensive their products are, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense to drive three hours and spend $75 on gas to pick up $200 worth of merchandise.

    I’ve heard many friends complain about the same problem. So, instead of continuing to be frustrated, I decided to do something about it!

    I am now offering delivery service from IKEA Frisco, TX to Oklahoma City. I charge 25% of your total order. Period. I usually go twice a week, but it depends on the number of orders I have.

    If you would like me to shop at IKEA for you, or if you purchased items but had to leave them there because you didn’t have the right vehicle, CONTACT ME!

    IKEA is perfect for great, inexpensive Christmas gifts so place your order now! I can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

  9. Anonymous says:

    I live in England and have tried over and over to purchase a chest of drawers on-line. If anyone has had sucess doing this I would like to know about it. Mary Anne

  10. Ikea online sucks – never works. I avoid Ikea like the plague – save up kiddies and get some real service and some real stuff from a REAL store.

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