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Published on January 23rd, 2007 | by Jules Yap


painting the norrebo a shade darker?

“i’m debating buying a norrebo shelving unit – i love the style, but the pale wood is going to clash horribly with the rest of my (dark, funky, Victorian) decor. i’m wondering whether i could either paint it right over the surface (veneer?) or sand it down and stain it darker. has anyone tried either of these things? thanks. – sarah

i think the norrebo is solid birch with clear lacquer. you could sand it down to strip off the lacquer and then stain it with a dark glaze, such as the behandla glazing paint. i’ve never tried it but it should work.

any other ideas?

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3 Responses to painting the norrebo a shade darker?

  1. There are brushing lacquer out so it gives some innovative idea which moves to looking the hard pigmentation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am interested in refinishing my hemnes black/dark brown colored dresser. The finish that comes on it is not very durable – aside from the fact that it is solid pine, a very soft wood. The ikea website says that it is solid pine + stained + clear acrylic. I’d like to either sand or strip that off (preferably sand to repair scratches on the top) then stain and finish (seal) a similar color. Most importantly though, I want to use a very strong/hard finish.. any ideas?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i’m currently undertaking a project converting some leksvik pieces to a darker color. i had neither the patience nor desire to completely sand the laquer off the things, so i simply applied “liquid sandpaper” (available in any lowe’s or home depot). you wipe it on and a few minutes later you’re ready to stain. just make sure it’s a day you can open all the windows- it’s probably insanely carcinogenic. but it beats spending hours with a sander and getting dust all over the house. i’m pleased with the results.

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