Published on December 1st, 2006 | by Jules Yap


simple way to hide ugly cables under your desk

barbex sent in another one of her smart hacks. though not totally an ikea hack, it’s useful for people with a home office and who wants a nifty way to hide those hideous cables.

from the back of barbex’s ikea desk, cables and wires dangle “like snakes for my feet to get caught in or for children to play a little pull-game (“look, mom explodes!”). and it looks ugly.

my solution is a wooden wall that stands up by itself because it is shaped like a Z and can be easily removed if necessary. it is cheap, black veneered chipboard that i had cut at the store. the black does not quite match the dark brown of the desk but the difference is not noticeable. the small part is just glued, the bigger side is screwed from the back so that you don’t see the screws. it is not flush to the table top to make it easy to move but you don’t see any gap because normally you don’t sit on the floor and look under your desk all the time!

i think it took about five minutes to make and look how much nicer my messy desk looks now!”

simple yet what a difference! and i’m also totally loving the red and dark wood colour scheme.

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5 Responses to simple way to hide ugly cables under your desk

  1. Anonymous says:

    great idea — simple. I will try it.
    you could also paint the little “wall” the same colour as your feature wall — that would make it seem even more open under there.

  2. Very nice concept! Congrats

  3. 12cherryhillst says:

    you might want to get rid of a couple of those hideous monitors too…

  4. barbex says:

    Thanks for having me here again! I'm also totally in love with the color scheme, it took about five or six layers of paint and lots of wiping and scrubbing to get the wallcolor and the texture right. But it was worth it.

  5. Jules says:

    i have a red feature wall too and it took me 3 coats to get looking decent. i was too busted to texture by then. so kudos to you. :)

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