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Published on December 13th, 2006 | by Jules Yap


need ideas on mounting scavenged lack shelves





lacki have what I have identified as two lack shelving (light birch) units one long, one short that we lugged home after finding them on the curb. they did not have hardware and i am trying to find out how to mount them – any help would be appreciated. i am thinking sweged bolts into masonry walls.” – beth

i’m assuming that they are the lack wall shelves. the original would have a concealed mounting hardware (a multi-pronged bracket that you fix to the wall and slot the shelves over the prongs). you can try checking with ikea whether you can buy just the mount, though i doubt it. if not, the stilig brackets may work to hold them up but they won’t give you the floating shelf effect.

any other ideas?

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11 Responses to need ideas on mounting scavenged lack shelves

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just get some big ass screws with proper plugs. Make a hole in the wall, putt the plugs in there after which you screw in your screws. Wenn done saw the head of the screws of and mount your shelves.

    Peace of cake,

    Make sure to measure where to put the holes though.

    btw. the tools to do so dont cost you that much. May you want to take the shelves off in the future you can do so very easy with combination pliers

    Good luck

  2. Anonymous says:

    Buy new ones you pikey. They are ten quid each :)

  3. AYO ABY Home School Academy says:

    You could make a simple cleat. Here are some instructions that you should be able to adapt…


  4. beth says:

    thanks everyone for all the tips, I think I will try the ikea store first. I didnt realize they were so cheap, so I may buy new ones and send our “treasure” back out onto the curb.

    Happy Holidays,


  5. Anonymous says:

    does your apartment have a handyman? i had my shelves mounted by one and he brought extra hardware to help me out with missing pieces.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have the mounts, but in a rented space I don't want to drill mega holes in the walls. I found that two empty bottles of Bombay gin (blue beautiful and square) placed, lying on thier side, bottoms out, under the shelf and it looks very very cool for a low rise look. Alternatively, a few books with matching coloured spines stacked up under each corner does the trick – read the books first!

  7. Jen @ OHIKEA says:

    there is a mouning bracekt, imagine a H with two bars and one side. I'm betting someone changed the bar colors.

    Someone else was right, the shelves are cheap, like $16 brand new, it's not worth it to build a armature inside if it will cost more than that.

    I would wait for the the winter sale (starts dec 26) and hit the store. They might have a color on closeout, or you might find frames in the As Is… thats where I found my floating lack shelves, they were $3 each! The only thing missing was the screws. You might well find the armatures stuffed in a corner somewhere.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you do have the concealed mounting, great. Go and buy yourself some #8 wood screws and nylon or zinc allow self drilling drywall anchors (about $4 for 10 of each)

    You will need to use the anchors for any area that is not over a stud. If you can mount at least one side of the shelf into a stud, the screws alone will be enough if the stud is wood. If the stud is metal (like mine) then you want to use the zinc alloy anchors.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have personally gone to IKEA for spare hardware and they will just give it to you if they have it lying around in the back. They end up with lots of spare parts. They were very helpful. Worth a try.

  10. Andrew says:

    The problem with this scenario is that new Lack shelves are so cheap, it's not really worth trying to find the hardware to do it yourself.

    But, you could always hit up the as-is section at your local Ikea and buy a beat up lack shelf and use the hardware from that.

  11. barbex says:

    If you go to the customer service desk at your local ikea and explain to them that you lost the thingys when you moved, they might just give it to you.

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