Hol hide subwoofer

Published on September 5th, 2006 | by Jules Yap


this hol hides a subwoofer

couldn’t log into all google sites the last few days. i still can’t. i think google blocked my IP address or something. and it was so frustrating not being able to blog. now i know what a blogaholic i am. :)

anyways, back to business. kalle tipped me on this clever hack that lets you hide your hi-fi subwoofer in an ikea hol storage cube. alas, the site is in french.

this is karma coming back at me for not paying attention in french class. so, monsieur christian if you’re out there reading this, je suis désolé. and please translate the page for me. i remain votre petit étudiant, jules. link.

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3 Responses to this hol hides a subwoofer

  1. LilianT says:

    I should use 2 of these as end tables instead of the Lack ones – then I could hide all the jumbly wires, electrical bars, assorted little black boxes with antenna on and thingies with flashing lights I apparently have to have to make the TV,VCR,DVD, Computer, and Ikea standard lamp that I can’t remember the name of, etc work

  2. Nickname unavailable says:

    I wanted to use this unit, but my sub is too darn tall. Everything I tried was too short or lacked depth to hide my Sub. No, it’s not some humungous sub, just an odd-shaped one.

    My solution was to hack two Lack end tables so that they were basically sharing the same legs. I’ll share pix soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A german DIY-speaker-magazine (“Klang + Ton”) also used the HOL as a hiding place for a subwoofer.

    See for example here:

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