Published on August 1st, 2006 | by Jules Yap


unflatpack your ikea

aah, you guys in the uk have a good thing. unflatpack is a business that well, unflatpacks your flatpacks. you call them, place your order, they go to ikea, buy the stuff, deliver it and set it up for you. no manoeuvring of big clumsy carts. no queues. no blisters. ikea served on a silver platter. they will even fix up your furniture, if you give up diy-ing half-way.

some one, start an unflatpack franchise, please.

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8 Responses to unflatpack your ikea

  1. Michael frost says:

    I am currently working delivering IKEA furniture
    I am looking to start my own flat pack servivpce for anyone in the Norfolk area

  2. Anna says:

    I use a company in New York City that is fabulous. They come to your home and unflatpack and assemble everything for you at very reasonable prices. After a 16 hour assembling catastrophe of the Sultan Alsarp mattress base, I gave them a try. Now I can’t imagine going back to diy.

    they are: Home Assembly Co. 1-800-227-7362

  3. Connor Aston says:

    OK then – I have the unflatpack franchise for Ireland covering both North and South. In fact we are going to Cork for the first time this week. And shopping couldn't be easier. Pick what you want from the IKEA website then place an order on our site and we will shop and deliver in a matter of days. You only pay when we deliver. There is also a new franchisee in the Southhampton area. Anyone else in others part of the UK please feel free to enquire about a franchise at [email protected]

  4. jules says:

    tom, i too have an ikea lamp stand that wouldn't stand straight no matter what i do to it. :(

  5. Tom says:

    I've always found unflatpacking Ikea furniture simple. That was, until I bought a lampshade from there. I finally got it in place but only after sticking a metal struct through the shade twice and it still doesn't quite look like the picture in the instructions.

    It's probably not that economical to hire these guys just for a lampshade though :)

  6. jules says:

    true true, lisa. i must admit, tho, some times when i get frustrated fixing ikea stuff – like when i was trying to get the 2 billy doors to hang at the same level – i wish i could have flown the guys in from london.

  7. lisa says:

    But isn't doing your own unflatpacking half the fun?

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