Published on August 1st, 2006 | by Jules Yap


Easy lamp makeover with Post-its

Want an instant makeover for your IKEA uplighter? Here’s a quick and cheap dress up trick from make flickr photo pool member neonarcade [via make]. “I dressed up my old IKEA lamp with some leftover post-it notes,” he writes, “just make sure you use a cool bulb, like a flourescent.”

The IKEA NOT floor lamp would make a nice candidate for this hack. I like the ethereal glow, retro chic and of course, the quick but dramatic fix. Nice work, neonarcade.

other ideas for lamps:
> make your own ikea dna lamp
> ikea fado pendant lamp at half the price
> cheap yet chic stair lighting

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0 Responses to Easy lamp makeover with Post-its

  1. jules says:

    beccajo, the lamps are a darling. who would have thought of using cocktail umbrellas!

    lisa, it probably won't last long but i guess that's the fun of it. because it is so cheap and easy, you can change colours, mix and match different post-its.

  2. lisa says:

    Looks cool, but how long until those Post-its start falling off?

  3. beccajo says:

    What a great, simple idea!
    Reminds me of this lovely lady's work…. I met her @ Craftstravaganza and just had to buy one of her lamps! I lurve it!

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