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through the ikea 2007 peep hole

following my entries here and here on the ikea 2007 range, i’ve found more pictures. i’m happy to see that the new range carries the usual ikea clean lines, strong colours and playfulness. i like!

to look through the peep hole, click here for a slideshow on ikea 2007 sofas, audio visual cabinets, lighting, bookcases, fabrics, and accessories.

here takes you to a slideshow on ikea 2007 children’s range, bedroom furniture and wardrobes.

and here are some yummy ikea 2007 kitchen units, dining room furniture, bathroom, storage and organisers. happy viewing! and let me know what you think of the new range.

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0 Responses to through the ikea 2007 peep hole

  1. becca-jo says:

    well they were out in bloomington, MN. incidentally, my visit to IKEA was the first time i walked out without spending a penny!
    the other new stuff that you and d*s showed was not, but a floor version and hanging version of the tulip-y light, and a hanging version of the interlocking flowers were for sale. the floor lamp was already grimey! they had some new, sexy paper laterns though. for IKEA cheap prices!

  2. Jules says:

    urgh. that sucks. anyways, you mean you've already spotted the 2007 range on shelves? gosh, i must really get away from my PC and get to an ikea.

  3. becca-jo says:

    sadly, i went to my local IKEA on friday, and these lamps were out. they're probably too plasticy to replace a panel, you could probably just stick the paper over.
    but they're really not as cool in person as they are in the photos.


  4. Jules says:

    yeah, i do love them lots too. that's a fantastic idea – replacing the panels with origami paper. hmm … you've got my fingers itching. ;)

  5. becca-jo says:

    OOOH! the new lamps are GORGEOUS! I'm sure they're going to be a BEAR to put together….but I could see using patterned origami paper or similar to replace a few of the panels for a custom look. I have so many lamps already, but one could always use more……
    I hope the 2007 IKEA range is like the 2007 model year cars, and comes out early!

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